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    Talent is not only the foundation of a nation but also the prosperity of business. The development of the enterprise must have strong human resources as its guarantee. Humanistic management is the premise of Pu An's development. Pu An adhere to the enterprise spirit of "develop pharmaceutical industry, contribution for the country". And based on special medicine and by the principle of innovating and benefiting health to serve people, Pu An focuses on the quality, ability and practical results of the talent. Human resource is the most important strategic resource. We pay attention to the development of highly educated talents, human skills and workforce. On the basis of ensuring the total amount of talent, it pays attention to the promotion of the reserve talent quality and the development of potential. And In the construction of talent team, it adheres to absorb a batch, cultivate the batch and reserve a batch.
    At the same time we recognize that actively attract talent, make good use of talent, cultivate talent and retain talent is to cultivate the core productivity of enterprises. It is important to strengthen the cultivation and introduction of highly skilled personnel and make them as an important part of the construction of personnel, so that good atmosphere will be created in which it is not only title, only qualifications, only identity, but respect for labor, knowledge, talent and the creation. The management, professional and technical personnel, marketing staff and skilled workers are trained in grading, classification and batches to continuously improve the quality of personnel.
    As a maker of pharmaceutical products, a participant of the health and a initiator of scientific life, Pu An is creating a top talent team with many well-known brands, product and technical resources and with the ceaseless innovation spirit. Welcome the man with both the political integrity and professional competence to join our team!