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Welcome to Gansu Pu An Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Your visit will be the start of our communication and understanding, thank you for your attention and support to our company!
Since established in 2004, Pu An Pharmaceutical has gone through a dozen years of development. Ten years of cultivation, striving and sharpening make it from small to large, from weak to strong. And now it has grown to be a new modern comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise in the west and it has formed its peculiar product system, marketing network, manufacturing base and quality control system. Pu An has developed into a pharmaceutical company with a strong influence and competitiveness whose products have covered the national 31 provinces, autonomous regions and even exported to five central Asian countries. Today, be full of vitality and strong momentum of development, Pu An pharmaceutical is displaying a more mature and booming attitude.
The achievements of Pu An today are the results of the past decade which condensed the sweat and wisdom of all the staffs of the company. It is also inseparable from the help and support of the government departments and the friends and shareholders of the community. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and deep respect to you on behalf of the company and myself.
Pu An Pharmaceutical has the product advantages of "exclusive, particular and unique". "Xuanfei Zhisou Heji " is the main product, which is a formation of series of Chinese medicine products choosing special medicine as the main raw material and mining folk prescription as the base. It is the exclusive product with patent protection and you can find it in the national Medicare drug catalogue. The company will make full use of product advantages and characteristics of stable quality and curative effect to implement the product competitive strategy in the next five years and the longer development stage. And the product advantage is Pu An Pharmaceutical ' foundation for the future development.
Although the pharmaceutical industry has been honored as a sunrise industry, market competition will become increasingly fierce with the deepening of enterprise reform and the gradual standardization and globalization of the pharmaceutical market. In the next few years, the company will focus on restructuring strategy, optimizing product structure, extending the scope of business and strengthening the construction of sales channels to achieve the strategic transformation. Innovation and change is the inevitable choice for all enterprises to seek long-term development. We will rely on the unique advantages and the management and marketing team injected by corporate restructuring and reorganization to create the core competitiveness: product advantages, brand advantages, team advantages and network advantages. And the company's core competitiveness can be enhanced through the four strengths.
In the new historical period, we will continue to insisting on" Pu An Pharmaceutical benefits health" as the mission, strengthening the sales network construction, taking the road of big market, speeding up the pace of capital management and brand management on the basis of product management through industrial operations and capital expansion of the two-wheel-driven development strategy. So we sincerely hope a wide range of forms of cooperation with the community colleagues to revitalize the motherland's pharmaceutical industry and to make the grand goal of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine come true early.
Winds and waves stop sometimes, hoisting the sails to travel in the vast sea. Standing on a new historical starting point, we believe that all the staffs and all the friends who supported the development of the past will continue providing sufficient power for the company's leap-forward development. We also believe that the Pu An people will keep pace with the times and overcome difficulties with the concerning from all levels governors and with the support from all our social friends and with the sincere cooperation with customers. And we will submit a satisfactory answer to shareholders, customers, employees, capital markets and the community with more excellent product quality and better business performance.